At Twenty-four

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Friday, 8 February 2013


Wow. It's been a while. Not from lack of trying I can tell you. Okay, so I haven't been on the case daily (or even monthly) but every now and again I've been back and spent a few hours researching my blogger/Google issue. It all started when Google changed to having admins for email accounts and as ours is a domain that a number of our family use, it became an account with a system admin -- my hubby. No problem, I hear you say. Hmmm... you'd think so, but the system thought that I was someone who'd been using this domain that was now being taken over by the admin and locked me out. Horror! Well, it was extreme but essentially a first world problem (although it seemed pretty massive at the time!!). So here I am again and I'm so pleased to have this blog up again that I'm almost speechless. Almost. :oD

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