At Twenty-four

The life and times of a busy mother of two.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Where to begin?

Child 1 to school. Check. Child 2 to Kinder. Check. Go to gym. Check. What now?

The 'to do' list is always so long and prioritising is not a strong point of mine. I've had some great creative ideas for new products milling around for ages -- perhaps today's the day for something to materialise.

Love these:

'Even robots get the blues' by ultrajunk

Well, won't get anything done if I'm on here for long!


Kre8ive Life said...

You are so welcome in regard to your owls - they are gorgeous. Congratulations on your best market and no your 1 year anniversary. Hope all continues to go well. Keep living the Kre8ive Life

Anonymous said...

I love the robot,

so fifties looking.

And you are right, it's so easy to goof off here..

rlstewardson said...

Thanks for your posts, guys. Almost at 18 months now, and have just reached 1000 likers on FB. Whoa!
Things are starting to pick up again since Xmas. It's been a VERY slow start to the year but need to keep those positive vibes flowing -- thanks for your positive support!
Yes, grrl + dog: VERY cool robot. Now to go back and continue what I was doing when I got waylaid!! (happens to me ALL the time on here...) XD