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Sunday, 12 September 2010

A productive week (back in September!)

Thinking about what I've achieved this week for my business, I feel that I can sit back and smile.

Those cards (6 types x 10 cards each) that I dropped in last week are now gracing the shelves at Readings in Lygon St, Carlton. I need to get my own barcodes printed on the back so they can put them out as soon as they get them, rather than having to sort out the barcodes for me, however, I've found out that each barcode number costs about $100 so it will be a while before I'm doing that! I'd need to employ a sweatshop in a small Asian country to make enough money to make that worthwhile. :o\

'Life amidst decay' -- View to the mainland from Alcatraz Island, USA
Cards shown flat: end product is folded vertically in centre and is 15cm square.

'Endless track' -- Völklingen Ironworks, Germany. UNESCO World Heritage site.

'Fireworks' – Munich, Germany. Flower, colour manipulated.

'Magic pathways' – Munich, Germany. Tree branches, colour manipulated.

'Spokes, magnified' – Nasturtium leaf, Melbourne, Australia

'After the rain' – San Jose, California, USA

'Natural buttons' – Yarraville, Australia.

'Wood king' – Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne, Australia

'Charcoal tree' – 2009 Bushfires memorial, Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne, Australia

'Homage to the sun' – Melbourne Zoo, Australia

'Countdown to launch' – Yarraville, Australia

Focus on Art's five 2011 calendars will also be in all Readings stores in Melbourne by the end of November: keep an eye out for them, too! There's bound to be one near you:

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