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Friday, 30 April 2010

WOW! Owls flying off the stall at both Rose St and Abbotsford Convent markets

Whew. The past few weeks have been really 'up': Rose St was a hit, a record breaking market at Abbotsford Covnent, and a bevvy of new creations from our time camping up (almost) on the Murray. To top it all off I'm trialling a new market at Borders in Carlton on Monday 3 May which will be a first.

Rose St Artists' Market, with its upbeat music and hip ambience was incredible and it looks like I may have found a home for my owls -- 3 owls were sold within the first couple of hours and a tri-frame sold, too, making it my most successful market yet. It looked rather grim at the outset with the market organiser having placed me outside and, on arrival, gulping at the possibility of my frames being smashed to smitherines in the gusts of wind whisking around teh courtyard. Some convincing arguments saw me quickly moved inside which was a godsend.

6 owls, count 'em, SIX of the little suckers, were sold at Abbotsford Convent's Makers' Market in April which is a new record (along with the fact that not one of my photo products sold at the same market :o( -- also a record). Granted, it was an open day at the Convent and people were streaming thru the doors, but it was generally an exciting day for business. The Makers' Market organisers are still grappling with the issue of bringing people inside to our stalls with signage of some sort within the limiting perameters of heritage laws which will, I think, be the deciding factor as to whether I continue this market or not. I am booked and paid for for 16 May and 20 June so there's time yet to gain a few more statistics before making that decision.

Monday coming will be a novel experience: Borders in Carlton are holding their monthly (1st Monday) Craft Fair at which I am to have a stall next Monday. Setting up in a shop will no doubt pose some interesting challenges and my fabulous new card display, louvre doors, may have to stay home as they will probably be too heavy to clamp onto the table provided. There are so many unknowns here with Borders providing the table (and a chair, hopefully!) and no hanging space possible, I shall have to think outside the square. The #1 purpose of this new market is to hopefully get some stock into the Borders store card displays. Fingers crossed that the powers that be take notice!

A bit to do before then (including a working bee at the school, 2 children's birthday parties, 1 dress up party for adults, and the usual running-a-household-type weekend activities) so best get off the computer.

Adios. Hopefully see you Monday.


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