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Monday, 29 March 2010

Back to full health

Well almost. I'm back swimming laps a couple of times a week which is generally a good indication of wellness, however, and it's not surprising, my level of stamina is low. At the end of 50 metres my lungs are struggling and I'm needing to rest a bit where I could previously keep going. Easy does it for a while longer, I think.

I've been busy working on some more owls and diversifying a little -- I need to with so few tea strainers to be had! One of my recent additions is 'Stretch' whose body is an oval grater. You can see him for yourself on my Metal Sculptures album
I've also been brewing up some other creatures which I"m hoping to bring to fruition during these school holidays. Watch this space!

My blog has had some adjustments and now sports a list of my upcoming market dates down the right hand column. I will endeavour to keep this updated so you can keep abreast of where I'll be to come and say hello.

Off to enjoy the first weekday of the school holidays. I think we'll stay in pyjamas ALL day. ;o)

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