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Monday, 14 December 2009

Market stalls: A step in the right direction

Well, it's certainly taken some time to take that first step to moving my photography hobby to the next level but I've finally done it. After receiving some positive vibes at the school art show where I donated some of my photos I decided to leap into making something more out of my photos and my market business was born.  The month and a bit leading up to my first market at Northside Makers on 28 Nov was, to put it mildly, incredibly busy. What started off as framed prints and prints with mats exploded into an art card range of around 40 cards and a calendar, mini block canvases and coasters. 

Setting up on the day was, mildly put, chaotic, and I without the help of my sister, Linda, and my mum I wouldn't have been ready for the first customers at 10am. Many thanks to you both! The stall display, while not wonderful, was a good first try and I kept myself busy putting my cards in poly bags while the customers walked on by. I had had plenty of warnings from various quarters to be prepared for disappointment and, I felt I was. A mere 2 customers in 4 hours proved me wrong. At the very least I got all my cards in their packaging and cut some business cards. I have a mailing list and the memory of plenty of people commenting on how much they liked my work. 

I'm not the type to let one unsuccessful attempt get me down and I was back behind the stall the following day at the Abbotsford Convent Maker's Market. I was lucky enough to land a cancellation place and had a great corner position which allowed me to display a lot more than the previous day. More people added their names to my mailing list and there were plenty more positive comments, but still only 2 customers and this time in 5 hours. :o( I did manage to sell a framed print so I at least covered my market fees. At the end of market no. 2 I determined to follow up other avenues of selling enabling me to spend my time producing to perhaps sell in shops instead. Not much fun spending so long in preparation and at the market itself for little gain. 

Since then I've pounded the beat in Lygon St at Readings and Borders and in Yarraville and have had varying degrees of success. My cards are now for sale in 2 florists in the Yarraville Village shopping strip and are being considered for the Green Collective in the same area. Readings have expressed interest in my cards in the New Year and things are looking up. 
The next step is to get some web presence happening and see if I can sell some things that way. For now, I'm busy expanding my range of cards with photos from two recent visits to the Melbourne Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary and considering doing another calendar with a different theme. Busy, busy. Keep watching.   

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